Detoxing – the struggle is real!

No doubt, you’ve already heard about it. Detoxing are getting a ton of hype now, google it and you will get thousands of results. Detoxing should help to remove the toxic substances from your body and there is different ways of detoxing diet. Before I tried detoxing, it’s really important to make your own researches because it can also affect your health in a negative way!!!

For my detox, I decided to do it with a juice cleanse from “kaleandme”. I had a box of 18 bottles juices and I need to drink 6 bottles a day. One bottle is 350ml from different vegetables and fruits. Each bottle was numbered so I had to drink it in a given order. I need to drink a bottle of juice every two hours. Eating was not allowed during three days, it was absolutely tabu! I only took about 1200kcal per day and thats it. The bottle of juice is not like orange juice. Not all vegetables and fruits are suitable for detoxing. You have to concider a lot, for example the sugar content, vitamins etc. It was easier for me not to do the juices by myself. I decided to do it on a weekend, because I had read different experience blogs that they felt floppy and unconcentrated during detoxing. And believe me they were right and the struggle was real.

Saturday was my first day and I had my first bottle at 10 am. I love to breakfast, especially during weekends, but it was unexpectedly easy not to breakfast. Next juice was at 12 noon and 2pm. Not eating lunch was still ok for me. At this time I still felt good. No headache and also I didn’t feel floppy. Around 4pm my headache started, I felt floppy, hungry, annoyed. At the beginning it was still ok, but my headache got worse and worse. I was starving. I took my last juice at  8pm and though I was drinking my juice I was soooo hungry. I went to bed earlier than usual to make it easier. Because I didn’t take any sugar and carbs, I felt weak. Sunday was even worse,  I was busy drinking my juice every two hours, not eating anything though I was really hungry. I could stand not eating anything, but around 6pm I ate a tomato soup. It helps, I felt better, but it was not the same. Headache was still there, more and more. Monday was much better. No headache, not even floppy and I was more concentrated. I wasn’t starving anymore, it was easier compared to first and second day. I felt much better, the day passed faster than I expected, maybe because I was busy all day long at work.

After that, I asked a doctor if detoxing really helps. Well, he said, that our body is not really “detoxing”! So im not really sure if detoxing helped. I didnt try it to loose weight, but I need to say that after three days, I lost about two kilos. After three days it was easier not to eat sugar etc, that was a positive effect of detoxing. But to be honest, it was my first time and I think also the last one hahahaha. In m opinion detoxing is just a “hype” and thats it.

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