A fantastic year is coming to an end!

2017 is coming to an end. Where did the time go? It feels like forever since I wrote my last blog. As if it happened a lot in my life since my last blog. But the fact is, nothing has happened! In the last three months, I was sooo so busy. There were a lot to finish at work, a lot of private appointments that must be attented before end of the year. Also a lot of to do’s at home needed to be finished. Birthdays, dinners, friends and family gatherings. I was always on the road for the past weeks, or more pricely the last few months. Anyways, with the year coming to an end, I want to take the time to reflect, think back on the year and review it. 2017 was a roller coaster ride, an up and down, but most of the time it was an up.

Let’s start with the highlights. As you all know I have my own bucket list and this year I was able to tick some of them. Yeeeaaassss and Im so proud about it. Im very proud in particular, that I have passed my SSI Open Water diving licensure this year – first try yeeeehaaaw! Yes! I am really proud of it, because I was so scared about diving, you can’t even believe it. I always wanted to try diving, since a few years, but I was so scared, I never dared. But this year, I did it and Im even a licensed diver now.Another highlight was, that for the first time I was able to spend my vacation in my own vacation house. It was a such a tough time till the vacay house was built and it took so long till we could move in. Another highlight of my 2017 was, that I started wakeboarding, yes!! I never dared to try because it looks soooo hard to balance on the board and I always thought it would be so painful when you fall. I mean of course it was painful because the cable was pulling me with about 30km/h but not that much painful as I thought. I even have my own wakeboard equipment now hehehe. And athis year I celebrated my 26th birthday after 16 years back in the Philippines together with family and friends in my own vacation house! It was also on my bucket list, driving to UK from Germany and I did it together with my hubby and my brother. We drove almost 1800 Kilometers through Netherland, Belgium and France. Its on my list to travell in at least one country where Ive never been before. This year I was able to do it again. I spent my easter vacation in Phuket Thailand with Kev and Joch. And I finaly travelled the Phi Phi Islands. It was one of my best vacation I’ve ever had and I loved Thailand so much. I had a lot of great experience there. There is still a lot of to do’s on my bucket list but Im so glad that I did a few of them this year. Im really proud about it. This year I organized my own charity program in the Philippines. For the first time that Ive attended my own charity feeding programm. It was the first time because most of the time when I support a charity program, Im in Germany. But this year was different. I was there, yeees! Those were only my highlights, there is still a lot of great things that I could experience or that happened in 2017 but then this blog would be very very very long hehehe.

This year was also a great year for my career. I was promoted to the next higher position, yeeees!!! I still like my job and the company where Im working. I met new workmates and they are really kind. I could even made friends with a few of them. It was a busy, stressful year at work, but my projects was interesting amd challenging. I learned a lot and I feel more and more comfortable in my role at work. But I am hoping that 2018 wouldnt be as busy as 2017, less overtime and more interesting topic.

I never travelled a lot before as much as I did in 2017. I had 9 – 10 weeks leave at work. Thats a lot! Ive been two weeks in Thailand in easter. 6 weeks in the Philippines in August/September. One week in UK during the autumn vacation and two weeks now during the christmas holidays. Im writing this blog from UK hehehehe. There’s a lot of other places that Ive visited this year, Austria, France, different cities in Germany. 2017 was very exciting and Ive seen a lot of different new places.

As I said, it was an up and down. 2017 also brought some downs. It was a stressful year. I was ill very often this year, sometimes it was really bad. I was really annoyed about that. Everytime I was ill, it made a mess on my plans, not only in work, but most of the time on my private and personal life. Like I said, it took so long to finish my vacation house. It was not only time and patience that cost me a lot, but I needed to spend a lot of money. It’s not that I couldn’t afford it, but my point is, I was worried where the money has gone to. I paid a lot and I wasnt happy about the quality. That time I was really upset.

Time has flown so fast. We just celebrated Christmas and here we are, it’s New Years Eve already. I spent Christmas in UK together with the family and it was great. We cooked together some delicious food and had a great dinner. After it we opened the gifts under the christmas tree.

So today is New Years eve, I love family tradition, so today we are having as every year a bbq. And Im coming to the end of this blog. 2017 made me sad but mostly happy. It made me smarter, wiser and matured me. 2017 was great but I am looking forward to 2018. Thank you to all of you who made my 2017 happy in so many ways. I truly appreciate all of you for beeing an important part of my life. In a few hours, it’s the first blank page of a 365 page book, so go out and write a good one. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE, may 2018 bring joy, peace and happiness to you and your entire family!

xoxo K.Dacian 💋

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