1600km to UK

20171101-IMG_6543Yes, I did it! I travelled by car from Munich to United Kingdom. Rhyl, Kinmel Bay to be exact. It was round about 1600km one way. I travelled with my husband and my brother. We didn’t drive directly to UK, because 1600km is quite far. Obviously, UK is an island, we had to cross the sea hahahah, but it was no problem. There’s the “Channel Tunnel” also called Eurotunnel between Folkestone in Kent (UK) and Coquelles near Calais (France). Its the world’s longest underwater tunnel. Or you can also choose the ferry from Calais (France) to Dover (UK). There’s a lot of ferries heading toward UK from France or even Belgium.

The tunnel is quite expensive, It’s about 350€ round trip – a car, 3 pax. So we decided to take the ferry. We booked our ferry from Calais to Dover through P&O Ferries. I paid 220€ round trip. I must say that I took the “Flex Rate”. The flex rate was pretty good, in case of you are stuck in traffic or you want to choose an earlier ride or if you need to postpone or cancel your trip, you can easily rebook your bookings. If we wouldn’t take the flex rate, we can save 25€ one way. It also depends on what time you travel, of course peak hours is more expensive. The ferry took us 1,5hours while the eurotunnel only takes 40minutes.


 So we drove from Munich to Calais through Netherland and Belgium. We left Friday noon and we arrived after midnight in Calais. It took us 10hours driving plus 1hour break. We could also drive through France, but in France you need to pay highway toll and driving through Belgium/Netherland is the same distance. We stayed a night in a hotel in Calais. Also on our way back to Germany, we stayed a night in a hotel too. From Calais to Dover 1,5 hours by the ferry. And finally we arrived in UK yeeeeey. What’s next? From Dover we drove to North Wales, our target destination was Kinmel Bay. It was another 6hours drive plus 1 hour break.

Was it exhausting??? Uhm, yes and no. I didn’t drive alone, I swapped with my husband. I definitely would not drive it alone. As long as I was in Germany, it was not exhausting, but driving in limited highways was pretty exhausting. Especially driving in UK was quite exhausting, not because of the left-handed traffic but the highways speedlimit was annoying. It’s only 520kilometers (ca. 320miles) but it took us 6hours driving.

I must say, that the whole thing was quite expensive. If you travel alone it is definitely NOT worth it, considering that a round trip flight from Germany to UK with a very good airline would only cost 100-150€. If you would travel alone, you still need to pay 220€ for the ferry. In total, the trip  was 870€. It doesn’t matter if you are alone or two pax or even 5 pax in your car, you still need the 870€.

  • 400,00 EUR – fuel cost for 3400kilometers
  • 220,00 EUR – roundtrip ferry
  • 120,00 EUR – Hotel, a night in Calais on the way there
  • 130,00 EUR – Hotel, a night in Calais on our way back

Of course, you still need to eat and drink. Also you need to consider that you spend almost four days on the road. And because we only took the highways, you won’t be able to enjoy any landscape or scenery. We drove to UK because we wanted to try it and thats it.

I think if you have different destinations, for example two days here and there, just like a roadtrip, it would be better. But if you only have one destination in UK, for example just visiting one city like London or wherever, it is definitely not worth it.


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