What is it about ME@2.0 ?!?

What is it really about my ME@2.0 Project? I know it’s been awhile that I told you that my biggest and most challenging project in 2017 is my  ME@2.0 project. And because of that I didn’t start it earlier before I travel to Thailand and Philippines.

So what is it about? It is not a secret, since I had my depression in 2013 when I lost my beloved mother, I gained a lot of kilos. With “a lot” I literally mean a lot!! I lost every  self-confidence, mentally and physically. I stopped with my sports, I had a breakdown at work. Comfort eating became my daily routine. Comfort eating made me feel better. So no sports, no motivation, no energy and comfort eating.  Eeryone knows what would happen. Exactly, I gained a loooot of kilos.

It took me years till I realized that I need to fight my depression. I can’t let the tragedy what happened in 2013 controls me and my life. My mom wouldn’t want it. So I started a therapy. My husband helped me to find the best doctor at our place. I went to the doctor till I came to terms with what happened in 2013. I am still under therapy. First I wanted to be mentally “ok” before fighting my physically problems. And I promised myself to be ME again, physically and mentally. A lot of people are underestimating a depression, especially those who has no idea how it is suffering under a depression. I didn’t know it too, I wasn’t aware of it, till it hits me. It affects your life, it affects your whole life, mentally and physically.

This battle is my personal project. My ME@2.0 project. It’s not only a project for me. With this project I also want to show other people who suffer under depression that there is a way getting out of this disease. The focus of my project is loosing weight. So here I am, fighting against my overweight.

But why 2.0? Why not only being me before my depression? Why a “2.0” ? My life will never be the same after the tragedy in 2013. I see things in life and people with different eyes now. You won’t make the same decissions. Few things might be more positive, less positive or even negative now. It is like a new chapter in my life. 2.0 doesn’t mean a whole new Kim, but I want to be a better version of myself. So it is ME@2.0 – me myself and I, in a better version.

What do I expect to achieve by my project? First all of all Im doing this project for myself. But I also want to give them hope who suffers  a depression that there is a way getting out of it. Another reason why I put my project online.  I want to inspire them to fight against it. But as I already mentioned above, the point  in my ME@2.0 is loosing weight. Its not only about my outward appearance, I want to be strong and healthy. Not only for myself, also for my family. I want to be comfortable with myself, physically and mentally.

So yesterday, 11th of September was the first day of my ME@2.0 – yaaaaaay! I will write a weekly blog diary about my project. So stay tuned!

It will cost me a lot of willingness, patience, discipline, energy, grit and endurance. I don’t know if I will stick it out, but I will do my best. There will be ups and downs.  It will be a rocky road, but it is my road. Others can walk it with me, but no one can’t walk it for me.

xoxo K.Dacian ❤️

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