No plans for the Philippines! OMG :O

Only few weeks till my trip to Philippines yaaaaay! Is it true, that I haven’t booked any tours in advance? OMG what are my travelling plans? Where to go? Warnings in the Philippines from the German government? OMG ! What am I going to do in the Philippines?

Yes it’s true, I haven’t book anything in advance yet. As you guys know me, normally I book almost every “big” tour in advance. Especially if it’s far away that I need to travel by airplane or something that could be very stressful if I wouldn’t book it in advance. Actually I was on the verge of booking some few tours like Palawan and somewhere else in South Philippines few weeks ago, but unfortunately there are some warnings from our government to avoid those region.  As I travel with my family, I want to avoid anything else that could spoil our vacation! So i leave it. Aside from that our house in the Philippines is finally finiiiiiish yuhuuuuu! As you know I bought some lots three years ago and we started last year to build the first house. Because of that I will also use my long trip in the Philippines to furnish the house.

Actually I have a lot of plans in the Philippines hahahahaha.

Yepp, actually I have a lot of plans. Thats why I also didn’t book any tour in advance to be a bit flexible as time and place. Like I said, I want to furnish my house. It is really important for me to furnish the house, so on my next trip to Philippines we don’t need to worry about it. Also because I only book a hotel for our first week. So it must be finish within first week! I know too optimisitc, but that’s manageable. I am spending my 26th birthday there so I will definitely throw a party 🙂 Ooooh and it will be awesome! HAHAHAHA! What else? Since our last vacation in Thailand, we are SSI Open Water Diver now. Underwater world, here we cooooome! Of course we want to go diving somewhere. Besides from that Kevin and Jochen want to learn surfing 🙂 So we probably need to travel to somewhere to learn surfing! And near our house there is a huge wakeboarding park and we want to learn it. We also have a wakeboarding center here in Germany, but it is very expensive, especially if you are a beginner, the price is not worth it. So we want to learn in the Philippines hoping that we are good enough to do it here in Germany. I don’t know if i already mentioned it in one of my last blogs, but Jochen and I bought a car in the Philippines, road trip, yeeeeeeeees!! Where? Secret! HAHAHAHA. And because we always travel in different cities in the Philippines, I couldn’t explore Bicol Region a lot. So it is also on my bucket list. Last but not least, my charitable project. I will organize some charities near my hometown to help some people in need, especially kids in need.

Enough talk 🙂 So don’t worry, it will be exciting! So stay tuned, stay tuned!

xoxo K.Dacian


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